Profile: Yannell Serrano

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In this episode of Radio Nepantla, Kimberly Linares talks to Yannell Serrano, a student from North Carolina State University, about her childhood experiences and the discrimination she’s received because of the color of her skin and her social-economic background.

My mom has always told me to like stand my ground, she’s like if anything like this ever happens again, “you stand up for yourself and you tell her what’s up.” So in that type of sense like my family has been very open about things like that, that happen. What you should do, what you should say. As regarding to how I felt about the situation and how that’s impacted me. I can say that I am very lucky that I have a family that is very communicative and very open minded and we talk about our feelings and we talk about these things. It is not something that gets swept under the rug.

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