Profile: Sherly Tavárez

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In this episode of Radio Nepantla, Graciela Colorado talks to Sherly Tavárez, founder and CEO of Hause of Curls and a self-identified Afro-Latina.

“Before, Afro-Latinx was never spoken about, not with my family not with my friends. It was not even a thing until recently. No one ever spoke about that, no one ever spoke about where curly hair comes from, where your roots come from. My mom actually showed me a picture of my great-grandma the other day, and she was Black! That was something that we never spoke about because in the Dominican Republic, the darker that you are the more racist they are toward you. I never really understood it. I just knew it was. I love that we are now opening up this conversation and speaking about it, especially in the Latinx community.”

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