Profile: Shania Toriquez

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In this episode of Radio Nepantla, Yesenia Delgado talks to Shania Toriquez, who was born very light skin, and for her, it was an everyday struggle to know who she really was because people would deny her African roots.

I actually don’t speak Spanish. So, when I would say I was Mexican and they would talk to me in Spanish and I would say I don’t know Spanish they would be like “well you said you’re Mexican but yet you’re here not speaking Spanish” and I would have to say, “well my grandfather came to this country to get his child, his children, and his future grandchildren a better chance. So, he decided not to teach us Spanish and for my black side well I can’t change the color of my skin but I do know what runs through my blood and you know what, you know, the black culture I can’t do to represent.

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