Profile: Nicole Favors

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In this episode of Radio Nepantla, Diana Romero talks to Nicole Favors, whose father is from Marion, Ohio, and her mother is from Romita, Guanajuato. Favors grew up in North Hollywood.

“I automatically then just started to kind of strip away from my Mexican background and like you know that part that identified with myself. And I automatically feel like I felt like I had to give that up in order to make friends with certain people. And to feel like I was able to fit in. And all the time, I actually experienced this quite so many times like people would be like, “so are you Mexican? Or are you Black, are you African American? Like which one do you identify more with?” And it would just really strike me, and I would think about this. I’m like well how are you going to make me choose? And then I go back and I think about you know, like the experiences that I had and like time that I spent like you know with my grandparents, you know my Mexican grandparents oh my gosh it’s like  I really can’t say that I’m one or the other, because I feel like both of them, you know they make me who I am, you know?”

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