Profile: Jordan Henry

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In this episode of Radio Nepanlta, Elizabeth Campos talks to Jordan Henry, a Cal State Northridge undergrad, micro-influencer, aspiring journalist, and more. She attributes a lot of her goals to her experience as a mixed-race woman. In developing her cultural identity Jordan became “her most authentic self,” but it wasn’t easy. Her family, travel, and education have all played a part.

I’ve gotten called countless things. Like, “oh you don’t act like a Black person.” My response is, “how does a Black person act? How do you act Black though?” How do you do that?” And then a lot of the times I get, because sometimes my accent will come out when I say certain words and a lot of times people will be like, “oh I hear your little Mexican accent there.” And it’s like…okay?” It’s like a lot of the time people find it so interesting when in reality it’s just a normal thing. Like sometimes people are like oh it’s so exotic, and it’s like no. I’m just a regular person.

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