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In this episode of Radio Nepantla, Yasmine Cárdenas talks to Amaya Taylor, a CSUN student majoring in child and adolescent development who grew up in Los Angeles’s South Bay.

Growing up music was huge. I listened to different genres from different places. So my dad was very into hip hop and old school rap. So I was very into Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Too Short, Eazy-E, you know, a lot of these old school rappers, Ice Cube, and my mom, she would listen to rock en espanol. I listened to bands like Maná, um, Los Enanitos Verdes,  Hombres G, and they would also listen sometimes to the radio, but they would put on like 98.7 and that was like alternative music. It’d be like, Green Day, Linkin Park, you know, a lot of alternative music.  I still listen to all of those genres today. Then when I would spend time with, my cousins and my tias from my mom’s side of the family, they listened to like reggaeton music, like Ivy Queen, Daddy Yankee,  a lot of Bachata- Romeo Santos. So growing up, it was very diverse. And then I also had my own style of music that was different from all of those.

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