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In this episode of Radio Nepantla, Cynthia González talks to Amanda Pericles about her life and how she advocates for Afro-Latinidad on social media.

I had big hair that everyone knew about. I had long big hair that you know would sit on top of my head. So then it was like kind of switching it now right ot like my hair isn’t just me it’s not my beauty. It’s not what determines whether I am beautiful or not. So I had to like take that jump in to like switch that mindset you know hair does not equal femininity. Especially in like our culture where long hair is what is beautiful right? So that is kinda been the journey, I have had lots of like ebbs and flows with the hair but now it’s like. Hair is hair yea it’s beautiful and especially as a black woman it is something that defines us and that we take really great pride in. In loving and in learning how to love it. But it is also like it doesn’t define who I am and it doesn’t define what makes me feminine or a woman or beautiful. So that is kind of where I am now.

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