AfroBoriqua Mothering: Teaching/Learning Blackness in a Bay Area AfroPuerto Rican Community of Practice.

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Cortes, Krista
University of California, Berkeley, USA

Looking at AfroLatinx communities in a transnational perspective forces us to contend with the ways indigeneity is often pitted against blackness…and Eurocentric understandings of indigeneity that disallow claiming an indigenous identity without the
accompanying land roots…

This article puts forth the notion of Afroboriqua mothering to understand the types of conditions that allow communal, proleptic practices of blackness to exist within AfroPuerto Rican communities. Afroboriqua mothering is an act that occurs within a community of practice that queers how we understand mothering through activism that always centers blackness and anti-colonial Puerto Ricanness. Through participant-observation and a series of interviews with members of one AfroPuerto Rican community in Northern California, Afroboriqua mothering surfaced as a way to describe teaching and learning (or teaching/learning) within AfroLatinx multi-generational communities that centers blackness as an ancestral, cooperative, and activist practice.

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